How to FIX Error File Upload Too Large on MySQL

So recently I have some problem with importing old database to MySQL database, but I get an error like this


So after searching some similar case on the internet, I can fix it by changing some text one php.ini file on Xampp.

First, go to Xampp path->php-php.ini


Then find these words, upload_max_file, and post_max_size, then change the value of those items, in my case I changed it from 10M to 1000M (1GB) because I need to import big size file (900MB).



After changing it you can restart your Apache n MySql server.5.PNG

Then walah, now it works, you can import or upload files up to 1000MB to your MySql!



If you getting an error like “Max execution Timeout” you can fix it by changing max_execution_timeout on php.ini. You can change it up to 3600 sec (1 hr).



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