How To Fix FPS Drop After Install New Windows

Okay, I’m gonna share my experience about how terrible playing online games with low FPS after re-installing my windows, and how to fix it.

First I’m Using Laptop ASUS A455L Series Core i5 with this spec,


Then I’m Installing Windows 8.1 PRO edition on my laptop.

After finished Installing New Windows I forgot that I don’t have Driver Installer, So I should Do Manual Download to Re-install my own drivers.

I got ASUS drivers from this link


or this ASUS A455 L Series Driver

So after finished installing everything, I’m trying to play my games, like Revelation Online and Dota2.

But dang! My FPS drops from 60 to 5 everytime and it makes me feel sick (Note: I usually played with 40-60 FPS).

So I tried to Play those games by NVIDIA but sadly its still same, so the problem wasn’t my VGA driver or Graphic Card.

After checking some similar case on google I try to Update my DirectX and Walah!

it’s work!

I need to update my DirectX for My current windows type, Ie: Windows 8.1 64 bit.

This link to download DirectX

DirectX for Windows 8.1 PRO

Have a nice day! Hope this article will help!


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