Combine diferent Object or Picture with Photoshop

Firstly im using Photoshop CS 6,

You can download it from link below,

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Okay Next is I want to combine two object from 2 diferent picture with photoshop

At first picture i will crop loli character with Polygonal lasso tools


Move cropped object to second picture.  Then we will get it like this, our diferent object with diferent picture is combined, but the main problem is how to make these two object blend and looks like an unity picture from the start.


So first step is, try to put the object at the right positions, and make it not looks strange, after that click auto tone or auto color on image options.


Second step is combine both layers (background + cropped object).

Third, click auto tone once more after layers combined.

Finishing step, we can add some effect like, blurr or distort to make our combined picture looks more real, and nice.


This is the result after finishing steps.


Good luck, and feel free to drop some comment ! XD


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