Integrate our Bootstrap template for Laravel 5.3

This is our next step after finished configure our app and env file.

First of all i would like to show you guys what we going to build.


We going to build Website Profile for a Company or Personal with Laravel 5.3.

With this section we going to integrate our Bootstrap Template with Laravel.

Step 1 : Make layout called welcome.blade.php
welcome.blade.php is  home page for our web profile, In this file we will include all of js and css that used for our website.

This how to call css and js with blade,


Note : Make sure that path location from every css and js files is correct. If its not, you will get error notifications when you press F12 (inspect element).

and this how to link a page with blade in laravel.


Step 2: Make route to call method in Controller


With that route, whenever we access our website page with localhost:8000/ it will call our controller called MyController with method called home.

Step 3: Make Controller and Method

Make Controller file called MyController at app/Http/Controllers, then type this.6.JPG

If we havent make Controller or method that going to be called by route, our website will give us an error like this,


That means route cant find our controller or method controller, sometimes miss type on controller names or route name can cause same error like this.


We can freely modify our website interface by changing some css, from main css files in assets. Since this is our first phase to make a Website profile i wish theres no problem to follow these steps. Feel free to drop comment to ask !

This link to download this website profile template :



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