How to Maintain Your Printer

Have to do List:

  1. Use your printer everyday, even if just by printing one page, with all color on it. We can keep our printer color quality with this way since it makes ink circulation runs correctly.
  2. Keep your Printer Clean. Try to clean up your printer every one week or any mean time, because dust can damaging our printer prints quality.

If our printer prints quality goes bad, try to cleaning up our printer by normal cleaning or deep cleaning.

  1. First open Control Panel.
  2. Choose Device and Printer1
  3. Right Click our Printer device and choose Printer properties2
  4. Choose maintenance tab, and click cleaning at first. 3
  5. Choose all color to clean.
  6. Wait til we can print patern color. 5.JPG
  7. If prints results haven’t good yet, we can try deep cleaning method.

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