Life Skills Guide Revelation Online

Life skill are important at Revelation Online, we should work with life skill because with lfie skill we can craft our own handmade gear, can make potions and medicines, can make materials for guild, housing and many more.

Hmm first, press V, and you will see Your current life skills or any life skills that you can own.

1. Life skills list, theres 8 type of life skills there; Alchemist, Woodwork, Blacksmith, Outfitter, Chef, Mining, Fishing, and Exploring.

Life Skills List

2. Craft Book Chapter, we can learn recipe, exploring new items, or materials by craft book, we need knowledge point to learn recipe, or explore material. We can earn knowledge point by crafting, fishing, mining, felling, and many thing like AFK in Hot Springs.

Craft Book Chapter

3. Items list or Mats that we can get from mining, foraging, and felling, there also success rate and amount of diligence and inspiration cost each item.

Gatherable Materials List

4. Crafting skills bar, theres 5 craft skills there; Alchemist, Woodwork, Blacksmith, Outfitter, and Chef.

Crafting Skills List

5. Last tab is fishing and exploring skill, there is gatherable fish list depends on fishing skill level.

Gatherable Fish List

Next important things that we need to know is  we cant learn everything, because we never get enough knowledge point. But no worries, there is other way to learn recipe, we can  buying recipe at auction house or player’s stall like this.

Recipe Scrool

Recipe scrool also droped by expert raid boss like Urgon at Deserted Shrine Expert, or Earkus Brutish at Grandbulwark Expert . But ofcourse its so rare and also hard to get.

Then better to focus with your craft skills with two or three skill and ask your friend to learn the rest.

Example : You are in guild, and your guild really need someone to craft medicines or dumplings for PVP Events. So you can give your guild an offer that you can craft that medicines for guild but other member need to help you with gathering materials. And also you can ask their help for Blacksmith, Woodwork, and Outfitter works.

Or in other case you want to focus with blacksmith, woodwork, and outfitter, you can ask your friend to craft meds or food for you.


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