Merchant Quest Guide Revelation Online

Merchant quest is a guild daily activity, we can earn total 220 guild fealthy with 5 runs.


  • We need to be in guild for 48 hours.
  • Character levels 50.

Merchant quest step:

1. Apply to be merchant and take merchant quest

First, we need to be merchant with apply to Nobleman Oertig near guild portals.Take Quest

Then take guild merchant quest from him.

New Quest

After you take the quest, you will get trade tokens, amount of our trade tokens is depends on our faction intimation. If you never done any merchant quest probably you just get 5000/18000 trade tokens. And also you will get special mount for this merchant quest, you can find camel/ilama at quest tab on your backpack.


Here is little description about camel:

  • Carrot’s skill : Increase your camel movement speed by 30% for 30 secs, 1 min cooldown.
  • Shield skill    : Make your camel imune with any control state for 10 secs. 2 mins cooldown.
  • Stuck skill     : Same as instant teleport when you got stuck
  • F8                   : Leave your camel.
  • Bag Icons      : Your good’s package.
  • Scrool Icons : List of npc’s name with their location.

2. Go to Sulan’s special trading NPC

After you ride your camel next step is, buying some items from sulan npc, you can see trading npc’s list by clicking scrool mini icons.


3. Buying sulan rouge from sulan’s NPC

After you arrived at Morit Barang or Nadra Oak, check how much it cost to buy one sulan rouge each nps, its because of their price isn’t same so buy the items with cheaper price.

at sulan

4. Go to Bearworld’s NPC and sell your goods

After buying sulan rouge, open npc’s list and go to bearworld’s npc to sell our sulan rouge. After you arived at bearworld’s npc, you need to check the price from your sulan rouge from each npc, sell it to npc that give us more notes (trade tokens).

selling rouge

5. Buying royal jelly from Bearworld’s NPC

Next is buying royal jelly with cheapest price from bearworld’s npc,

buying jelly

6. Back to sulan’s NPC and sell royal jelly

And go back to sulan to sell our royal jelly.

selling jelly

Again, remember to sell it to npc that buy our items with higher price.

Finally your first merchant quest is done.

Good luck !



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