Rank Arena Upgrade Revelation Online

Arena and Battleground are PVP Event on Revelation Online, we can enter arena or battlegound when we reach lv 40. But sadly, arena and battleground at lv 40 is dead or never poped, so it wont happen except we play on new server.

The main problem is how to upgrade your rank arena if your rank arena quest need to do arena or battleground?

hmmm.. how?

I have one tips for you guys, we just need to send ticket to RO support team about our problem, and they will work with it and solve our problem.

then how to send ticket to RO support?

First click this link RO Support


after that we can see many issues there, look at general inqueries, then click I have another problem not listed here.


After that click sumbit a ticket, and fill your char data like this .3

This is example of screenshot that we need to take in game.


Submit your ticket.


After your ticket sent, you will receive an email from RO support that they will work on your issue as soon as possible. What we need just wait 1 or 2 days before they fix it. Good luck and hope this will help you.


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