Vanguard Guide Revelation Online

Vanguard is main tank in revelation. So your main build will be tank, but vanguard can hit with big amount of damage too, so theres another build for vanguard to be good dps and killer for PVP.


First, we have to know that reve gives us chances to explore our own char freely til lv 58.

What I mean is, we can freely resets our potential points and skill points whenever we want, and its free before 59. After we hit lv 59, we cant resets our potential and skill points for free anymore.

This build guide is for vanguard lv 69,


Tank build ( Concentrate stance )

For this build we just put 100 point to str and the rest is vigor and spirit 1:1.

Amount of vigor and spirit also depends on our focus,

If we really want to be tanky on PVE vigor and spirit will be 2:1, but if we want to play for PVP also, its better to put vigor and spirit 1:1.


Vigor : each point of vigor adds 29 hp and 8 physical defense then each 10 points of vigor adds 4 point brawn. Each point from brawn adds 1% physical defense.


Spirit : each point of spirit adds 25 hp, 10 mp, and 8 magic defense, then each 10 points of spirit adds 1 hp recovery and 4 arcana. Each point from arcana adds 1 % magic defense.


Strenght : each point of strength adds 1 phy damage, and each 10 points of strength adds 4 points force. Each point from force adds 1% from our physical attack and physical damage.

This is skill list from vanguard

Heroic strike

This is vanguard first skill, i rarely using this skill since i play with keyboard mode, i use this skill just to gather str buff stack from main weapon for burst at first attack

heroic strike

Tornado sweep

Tornado sweep is combination from phy + mag attack. After hit our enemies tornado sweep give all of enemies bleeding with some % of physical damage vanguard dealt before.

Note : bleeding can be stack up to 5 stack

tornado sweep

Broken aray

Broken aray is second combat skill that dealt much damage to enemies. After charging this skill will deal big amount of physical damage and knock back enemies for 5 meters. This skill give enemies weaken attack up to 20%.

Note: we can remove knock back effect to gain more damage 30%

broken aray

Conqueror sweep

Conqueror sweep have 2 phase, first phase is hitting all enemies infront of vanguard and knock them down. Second phase is hitting enemies every 0.5 sec for 3 sec.

Note: at pvp just use this skill with first phase, since second phase is not dealing good damage

conqueror sweep

Crippling bolt

Crippling is first combat skill which have good damage, this skill deal damage infront of vanguard and reduce all of enemis moving speed 50%. Crippling has 2 damage type, first is physical when it hits enemies, second is crippling creates fisure that deal magic damage overtime

Note: we can remove fisure from crippling and deal extra 75% damage + 38% damage to knock down enemies

crippling bolt

Heroic leap

Heroic leap is on target skill that knock down all enemies around target area (5 meters).

Note: this skill range can be upgrade up to 26 meters and can give target sunder effect that reduce their physical defense up to 21%

heroic leap

Dragon grasp

Dragon grasp is important skill for vanguard, with this skill we can cancel skill cast from other player or boss, vanguard can pull the enemy towards if not in mercurial state (invunerable/anti cc)

dragon grasp


This skill have 2 form, first is concetrate that used to be tank and second is thunderborn that used to be dps with additional crit  up to 15%.

Note: at hard raid vanguard better to use concetrate than thunderborn, cs vanguard need to take aggro and be tankier to tank the boss. At pvp better to use thunderborn cs vanguard has many good debuff to enemies at thundeborn stance.


Light shield

Light shield can absorb some physical and magic attack to vanguard and trigger counterattack after this skill effect is over.

Note: on concentrate stance, vanguard can absorb some damage to our teammates with this skill if teammates stay 20 meters around vanguard. On thunderborn stance, damage from counter attack will be multiplied by total str of vanguard.

light shield

Vanguard blessing

Vanguard blessing is a buff skill that adds some hp to teammates around vanguard.

Note: vanguard blessing can give other status like lifesteal, additional damage, and heals over time for short time.

vanguard blessing


Fearless is another buff skill from vanguard, but the buff just for vanguard itself. Fearless have 2 type, first is in concentrate, at concentrate stance fearless will give extra defense and resistance for vanguard and decrease their attack. Second is in thunderborn, at thunderborn state fearless will give extra phy attack and crit increment for vanguard but decrease their defense and resistance.

Note: timing is very important when use this skill


Iron resolve

Iron resolve is buff skill that can remove cc and enter mercurial state lasts for 3 sec.

Note: duration of iron resolve can be up to 5 sec and reduce cooldown when get hit by critical. When we are got knock down or any cc skill we can click this skill but we cant use it while we got silenced. Silence skill ex : gladius throw from blade master.

iron resolve


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